Patient Testimonials

  • June 2023 - My husband and I have seen Cristina for many years and she has seen us through difficult rehabs. She is so good communicating with seniors and the outcomes have been very good. :) Her therapists are very good at what they do and always strive to get you to that "I can do this" moment. The front desk is very welcoming and the Office Manager Kasey is always there to help answer your questions. We choose to call Gainesville Physical Therapy our PT Family and look forward to going. :) You will not be disappointed!

    By - Nancy B.
  • I am 76 years old and have had for many years urinary incontinence as well as a colon prolapse, both with the obvious very inconvenient consequences. That's why when someone highly recommended Dr. Carissa Essex, at Gainesville Physical Therapy, who specializes in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, I decided to make an appointment. After four sessions with her, I no longer have urinary incontinence and all my colon prolapse symptoms are gone. I never thought that these results would be possible and that in such a short time a total healing could be accomplished. Dr. Essex instructed and guided me me from the beginning in the exercises I had to do, at the same time that she explained everything about my condition and how, with the proper physical therapy, all the symptoms I had could be overcome. Her knowledge and expertise are extraordinary and after following her instructions and doing the prescribed exercises, I am completely symptom free. I don't have enough words to thank Dr. Essex for my beyond-expectations total healing and highly recommend her for anyone who has Pelvic Floor problems.

    By - Anonymous.
  • I highly recommend Gainesville Physical Therapy. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and caring. Everyone from the doctors, therapists and front staff are wonderful. Dr. Trypanis and her staff use a wide variety of treatments to ensure a positive and successful experience. While knee replacement therapy can be tough, my therapists have gone above and beyond to ensure a total and successful recovery. I am so grateful to all.

    By - Kathy H.
  • Everything is great! Keep it up. Brittany was fantastic, knowledgeable, caring and detail oriented!

    By - Gary K.
  • You are fabulous. Thank you for helping me heal. I could not have done it without you.

    By - Marilyn K.
  • Great job. Thanks!

    By - Tom S.
  • Cristina Trypanis is very professional and inspirational. She listens to you and helps you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

    By - Carolyn F.
  • Everything from entering to leaving was perfect. Loved the decor, friendliness and knowledge of all involved. Since I only worked with Cristina, I loved getting to know her and respect her expertise and the almost full use of my arm she gave me.

    By - Peggy H.
  • Thank you Cristina, Natasha, Carissa, Zahra and Krsitine for helping me back to mobility!

    By - Anonymous
  • Wonderful office and staff!

    By - Anonymous
  • Dr. Cristina Trypanis and Dr. Carissa Essex are excellent to work with. I feel 100% better. All the staff was very friendly and very accommodating. If I need therapy again, I will definitely come back. Thanks very much!

    By - Norma A.
  • Great therapists and staff. Will definitely return as needed

    By - Anonymous
  • I am pain free and I couldn’t be happier!

    By - Anonymous
  • Everything was done so well. The spirit, care and encouragement couldn’t be better. Thanks so much!

    By - Mary L.
  • A super experience! The entire staff is professional, knowledgeable and friendly! Worth the drive!

    By - K.M. from Winchester
  • On the evening of November 21, 2014, I took a tumble while attending a Westfield football conference playoff game. I had a compound fracture of the left arm and destroyed the elbow. After three and one half hours of surgery, the bones were put together and I began my recovery. I saw my surgeon one week later and began physical therapy immediately.

    For the next four months I went to Gainesville Physical Therapy where Dr. Carissa Essex helped me with my recovery. We focused solely of range of motion exercises which involved stretching while the bone was healing so as to prevent loss of full use of my arm. After about twelve weeks, I was told I could begin strength exercises for the muscle. Very quickly I realized I could not do some of the strength exercises due to an old shoulder injury. After careful evaluation, Dr. Essex determined that the muscles in my left shoulder were atrophied to the point that the four bones in the shoulder that must move in synchronization with my arm were not moving. For the next month we focused on correcting the shoulder problem while continuing to strengthen the muscles in my left arm.

    Today I have full range of motion in my arm, full use of my arm, the pain that I had had for years in my left shoulder is gone, and I continue on my own to build strength in both my left shoulder and arm.

    I am delighted with the treatment provided by Gainesville Physical Therapy. I especially appreciated systematic and very thorough manner in which my unique problem was evaluated and diagnosed. I have been told my recovery was much faster than most people half my age. I am certain this was largely due to knowledge, experience, and professional manner of Dr. Essex.

    Dr. Essex, I sincerely appreciate what you and Gainesville Physical Therapy team were able to accomplish with me.

    Best wishes to all of you.

    By - Bevis C.
  • Very pleased with one month physical therapy on my shoulder. Cristina is an excellent therapist and a true asset.

    By - Anonymous
  • There are many choices in the Gainesville area for Physical Therapy. But my choice will always be Gainesville Physical Therapy. Twice in the past 12 months I have required PT for 2 different problems and have used Gainesville Physical Therapy and Dr. Carissa Essex. I am 100% satisfied with my results. My hips and my rotator cuff were in good hands with Dr. Essex. With the exercises she provided I am on the road to 100% recuperation. Omaid will be an excellent Doctor and I wish him all the best. Thanks Carissa and Cristina!

    By - Richard K.
  • Thank you GPT and your wonderful staff. Your willingness to listen, offers of advice., helped me tremendously. Loved your engaging personality. Blessings to you all

    By - Kathy W.
  • Excellent in all respects.

    By - Anonymous
  • After cervical spinal surgery in March, I was very lucky to find Dr. Carissa & GPT. When I began PT, I could barely move my neck. Dr. Carissa’s personal attention & patience quickly increased the mobility. I had less pain almost immediately. Recovery was faster than I anticipated. I highly recommend GPT!

    By - Dawna L.
  • Loved it. I have had a few injuries in my time and needed therapy. Most experiences are below par, at best. HOWEVER my first experience with Gainesville Physical Therapy was over the top, 5-star. Dr. Carissa Essex took personal care of me and worked hard on the tissue and scarring from my knee replacement surgery. Day 1 I now can move my leg on my own without having to lift it by hand. This is only 2.5 weeks out of surgery. She explains how the muscles and tendons work and makes a plan with you to get the results you desire. Thank you guys for the work you do.

    By - David P.
  • Outstanding, very understanding and helpful.

    By - Anonymous
  • I have been to a few physical therapists around the area. But I was really pleased with this place. Generally most appointments last 1/2 to 1 hour, 15-30 minutes of it in the waiting room. They do ice/heat, exercise and treatment then you are out. I was expecting the same thing here. However, I was surprised how much detail and time was spent on my injury. My recovery time was faster then I expected. I was treated for this injury before and was not as well taken care of. I would recommend this business for their attention to detail and overall friendliness.

    By - Juli T.
  • I had rotator cuff surgery in December and getting range of motion back and fighting stiffness was really tough and still painful in June. I’ve seen Dr. Cristina Trypanis twice this month for dry needling and the improvement is awesome. I highly recommend her. My daughter had cubital tunnel syndrome in her arm and was in chronic pain for 2 years. She had surgery and nothing helped. The pain specialist said she would have to live with it. The pain is now 95% gone after dry needling and PT. You don’t feel the needles at all if you are squeamish. It’s not like acupuncture. I had 30 the other day and felt one. So if you have migraines, neck pain, tennis elbow, low back pain and a lot more you’ll see on the website give it a try. Going back again tomorrow for another treatment.

  • This physical therapy office rates outstanding! The professional care provided was exactly what I needed to recover. Cristina’s knowledge and expertise was excellent. Liz, Cristina’s support staff, was always friendly and accommodating. I have-and will continue-to recommend GPT!

  • As a runner, having a great physical therapist that understands your sport and mentality is a must! Having direct access and dry needling are what brought me into Dr. Typanis’s office and her expertise, personality, thoroughness, professional facility, and excellent staff are what have me coming back for any of the aches and pains that pop up during my training. Thank you for helping me recover in time for my immediate race and giving me the tools to make my future running even better.

    By - Laura B.
  • I’m the kind of person who always carries my stress in my shoulders. As a result, I’ve had a painful knot in my right shoulder for years. Many massage therapists have not had any luck releasing it. Immediately after my first dry needle treatment with Cristina, the knot was gone! Now, after three treatments, I can also move my neck from side to side with ease and without pain. My shoulders feel terrific. I was astounded with this result!

    By - Mary G.