Farheen Naviwala LPTA

Farheen Naviwala
Farheen Naviwala

Farheen Naviwala has had an interesting journey from being a textile buyer to becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant.Her decision to switch careers was motivated by her personal experience with physical therapy and her desire to give back to the community. Farheen holds a B.A. in International Relations from Wellesley College from 2006 and recently graduated from the LPTA program at Blue Ridge Technical and Community College in 2022.

Currently, Farheen works at Gainesville Physical Therapy clinic as a LPTA, where she is dedicated to providing the best care possible to help her patients achieve their optimal functional mobility. She enjoys working with patients from various backgrounds and finds fulfillment in assisting them on their rehabilitation journey.

Outside of work, Farheen enjoys traveling, exploring new cuisines, and spending quality time with her family. Her commitment to both professional and personal growth makes her a well-rounded individual determined to make a positive impact in the lives of others.