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Pain during sex? Incontinence or constipation? You might benefit from pelvic floor physiotherapy


How did I not know this was a pelvic floor issue? Why didn't my doctor send me here sooner? Do you have other patients with problems like mine?"

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Physical therapy on postoperative day zero following total knee arthroplasty: A randomized, controlled trial of 394 patients


A sum of 394 candidates were analyzed to assess the impact of starting formal physical therapy (PT) the afternoon of postoperative day (POD) 0 following total knee arthroplasty, instead of starting PT the morning of POD 1 on the length of stay (LOS) in hospital.

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Direct access to physical therapy may provide advantages in health care


In August 2018, Gov. Bruce Rauner, R-Ill., signed into law a bill that would allow patients in Illinois to seek out the services of a physical therapist without a referral from a physician or orthopedic surgeon. This expands previous policies on direct access to physical therapy for patients.

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Physical Therapy Can Keep Sports Injuries at Bay

Source:Health Day

Physical therapy helps people recover from sports injuries, but it also can help prevent them, an expert says.

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Physical therapy could lower need for opioids, but lack of money and time are hurdles

Source:The Conversation

Physical therapists help people walk again after a stroke and recover after injury or surgery, but did you know they also prevent exposure to opioids? This is timely, given we are in a public health emergency related to an opioid crisis.

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Medicaid expansion ups access to rehab in young adults with injury


(HealthDay)—For young adults hospitalized for injury, the first year of implementation of Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act correlated with significant increases in Medicaid coverage, reductions in lack of insurance, and increases in discharge to rehabilitation, according to a study published online June 6 in JAMA Surgery.

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Diaphragm linked to chronic low back pain, study shows


Researchers of the Physical Therapy and Medicine departments of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University recently published a study on patients with chronic, non-specific low back pain, in which they conducted the first clinical trial of the effectiveness of osteopathic manual therapy with or without specific techniques on the diaphragm.

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