Direct Access

Did you know you do not need a prescription for Physical Therapy? The state of VA allows patients to begin Physical Therapy (PT) without a prescription from a physician through what is called “Direct Access”.

What does “direct access” to Physical Therapy mean?

In 2008, the state of VA passed a law allowing patients to be examined and treated by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, without first seeing a physician to obtain a prescription. Virginia is one of 38 states to have laws allowing Direct Access to PT.

What does this mean for you?

In the past, if you had an orthopedic issue such as low back pain, you may have needed to consult with your Primary Care Physician to ask for a prescription for Physical Therapy in order to receive treatment from a Physical Therapist.

However, scheduling a physician consult can take several days or sometimes weeks, during which your low back pain is now chronic.

Since the passing of Virginia’s direct access law, you can go directly to the PT to begin treatment for your low back pain.

Our Physical Therapists will send a detailed report to your physician as well describing their findings and recommendations. Your Physical Therapist will make appropriate referrals if needed as they may recommend you still consult your physician or a specialist while you continue treatment from the PT. The goal is always to reduce your pain and functional limitations and help get you back to your previous lifestyle.